Cristiano Ronaldo Hassles Pedestrians And Hijacks Cars In GTA 5

by : Mark Foster on : 11 Aug 2015 15:21

A YouTuber has uploaded a video of Cristiano Ronaldo’s FIFA avatar strutting his stuff in San Andreas.

When he’s not too busy dressing as a homeless guy, Cristiano Ronaldo apparently likes to pass the time by visiting some of Grand Theft Auto V’s hotspots. The video has been created in Cinema4d by YouTube channel TheFifa11vidoes and doesn’t use any mods.


Whether he’s scaring people on the beach, hijacking cars or thrusting his balls at men on motorbikes, Ronaldo always has time to stop for a selfie to take in the beauty of Los Santos. No word yet from the man himself if this means he’ll be leaving Real Madrid in search of glory in the famous city.

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