Critically Acclaimed Indie Game Coming To PS4


Inside, the critically acclaimed second game from Limbo developer Playdead, is coming to PlayStation 4 sooner than anyone expected. 

While owners of the Sony console had to wait around a year for Limbo to come to them, Inside will be on PS4 by August 23, it was announced on Twitter.

Inside was released on Xbox One and PC back in June, where it was met with hugely positive reviews and plenty of acclaim from both critics and gamers.

The side scrolling adventure isn’t a sequel to Limbo, but similarities were somewhat inevitably drawn between the two titles as they come from the same development team.

Still, most critics deemed Inside the superior game, and with its moody atmosphere, immersive soundtrack, and tight gameplay, it’s hard to disagree – check out a trailer below.

Obviously this is great news for anyone who didn’t want to have to fork out for an Xbox One just for the sake of checking out an indie game.

Still, if any indie title is worth buying a console for, it’s definitely Inside.