Crytek Announce Oculus Rift Title ‘The Climb’ With New Trailer


If you’re an avid climber but can’t be arsed to leave the house, then Crytek’s VR title The Climb might be right up your mountain.

After first being announced and shown off at this year’s E3 as a climbing/ dinosaur simulator, The Climb seems to have had a change of heart as it goes all-in on the climbing angle.


According to Crytek, the game will offer unrivalled realism in locations from around the world, as you make it your business to flip nature the bird and gallivant unaided up treacherous rock-faces.


Oculus’ Head of Worldwide Studios, Jason Rubin said:

Crytek is renowned for leveraging their CRYENGINE tech to create beautiful, immersive games. Their early VR demos really captured public imagination, and to see their ideas come to life with Rift is incredible and not to be missed. The Climb is a beautiful combination of art and thrill that’s bringing an entirely new level of adventure gaming to Rift.

The Climb is going to be coming exclusively to Oculus, and will require either Oculus Touch or an Xbox One controller to flail your disembodied hands at a cliff. There’s currently no release date attached to The Climb.