CS:GO Bombarded With Bad Reviews After Going Free To Play


Without much warning, the popular tactical shooter CS:GO recently went free to play and introduced a brand new battle royale mode called Danger Zone

While this might have been great news for those looking to get in to the game, preexisting players who’ve spent years playing (and crucially, paying) for CS:GO aren’t exactly thrilled about the changes.

The fans haven’t been shy in making their disdain for this move heard. On December 7, the game was hit with 14,327 negative Steam reviews – more negative reviews for CS:GO in a single day than in it’s ever managed in an entire month.

December 7 represented a drastic spike though, as the following day the game only managed around 6000 negative reviews, dropping down to 4,700 the day after that. Still, it’s a clear sign that people aren’t happy.

The surge of negativity isn’t aimed at the battle royale mode of course, but rather the fact that the game is now free for everyone to play. Those who invested no small amount of time and money in CS:GO feel shortchanged that all they have to show for it is a loyalty badge.

Some dedicated players feel they’re owed some kind of exclusive weapon or skin for the fact they were around before the game was free, while others are demanding a refund of the amount they spent on the game when they purchased it.

On the plus side, the peak concurrent playercount for CS:GO is the highest it’s been all year, so that’s something.