Current-Gen Consoles To Breath New Life Into Dead Horror Game


The WiiU launch title ZombiU was a legitimately good game. After rumours and speculation of a revival, it now has a launch date of August 18th on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Now titled Zombi, the game appeared on some Australian and far eastern retailer’s sites earlier this month which fuelled rumours of the reboot. All those rumours have now been confirmed as Ubisoft dropped the release trailer for the game.

Set in London during a zombie outbreak, the title featured a perma-death system that added an extra sense of don’t-fuck-this-up alongside the normal survival horror. If you do die, you’ll have to start again as a new character, and kill your old zombified self in order to get your gear back.

With the initial pull of ZombiU being in the integration of the WiiU’s unique gamepad, Ubisoft have written a blog explaining how it will work on the new consoles. The map and inventory system will all be accessable on the main screen, and the game will continue to play while they’re being looked at. The game will also support surround sound if you’ve got it. Creepy.

There will also be two new weapons in the game, coming in the form of a spade and a nailed bat for extra zombie killing glory. The trailer is light on any real gameplay details, but heavy on droppin’ zombies like they’re hot, so check it out below.