Cut Resident Evil 7 Scene Deemed Too Disturbing For Game


Before we get into this, I need to make it clear up front that we’ll be spoiling the first hour of Resident Evil 7, so proceed with caution.

Spoiling a game’s opening might not sound like much, but in Capcom’s latest survival horror adventure, it really is better for those who haven’t played it yet to go in blind, because there’s some pretty shocking stuff.

So, if we’re all on the same page, we’ll get into it just below the trailer, giving spoilerphobes a chance to get out now.

Still here? Okay, you’ll remember the wonderful moment when you’re reunited with your missing wife, only to discover she’s gone a little bit wrong.

To be clear, by ‘wrong’ I mean infected by a terrifying virus that drives her insane and causes her to chase you through the house until she catches you and chops your hand off with a chainsaw – marriage, right?

It’s a grim moment that makes it clear that Resident Evil is back in the business of being absolutely terrifying, but it was apparently meant to be a lot worse.

PC Gamer recently attended a presentation by Resi 7 director Koshi Nakanishi, in which it was revealed just how much worse it could have been for poor old Ethan.

Apparently, the original idea was to have not just the hand, entire damn lower torso sliced off by the chainsaw. Ouch. As if that wasn’t enough, the player would have been forced to crawl to a safe room, entrails flapping around the whole time.

Nakanishi claims the idea was ultimately scrapped because – and this is maybe the best quote of 2017 so far – ‘bisecting the hero entirely was deemed a little extreme’.

Ethan’s hand is of course eventually sewn back on in the events of the game’s story, but I imagine Jack would have had his work cut out for him putting back together half a person.