Dad Returns Son’s Gameboy Advance 18 Years After He Forgot Where He Hid It

by : Cameron Frew on : 05 Apr 2021 12:20
Dad Returns Son's Gameboy Advance 18 Years After He Forgot Where He Hid ItShutterstock/Pixabay

As a punishment, a dad hid his son’s Gameboy Advance… and then he lost it. It’s been 18 years, and he finally found it.

After his son failed to do his homework, one father took the action every kid dreads: he confiscated the handheld console to teach him a lesson about priorities. Unfortunately, he ended up forgetting where he put it, and it was lost to the ether of clutter for 18 years.


If there’s any way to hit a punishment home, that’ll certainly do it. Understandably, the dad felt pretty guilty – but at long last, the GBA has been recovered.

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Posted by cbelt3 in the TIFU (Today I F*cked Up) subreddit, he wrote, ‘My son was not doing his homework so I confiscated his GBA. I told him he would get it back next week. Well he’s a pretty clever dude and knew all my hiding places, so I put it someplace he would never look.’

It’s not entirely his fault; he explained how he’d suffered a traumatic brain injury a few years earlier, so he was prone to forgetting stuff. When the next week came, he wasn’t able to give the console back to his son, despite looking ‘everywhere’ for it. Even after they packed everything up and moved house, it was nowhere to be found.

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Then, 18 years later, it appeared. ‘I was donating some coats I had not worn in a long time. And in the pocket of a Viennese trench coat from the 1930s, I found… his Gameboy Advance. And turned it on. And it WORKED. Pokémon appeared,’ he wrote.

The dad added, ‘I put fresh batteries into it and handed it to my 28-year-old son. Who proceeded to laugh for a good five minutes. Then played it for a few hours. Then proceeded to tell my wife and other adult children how silly I was.’

For Gameboy Advance enthusiasts, this guy managed to play Tenet on one: 


Reacting to the story, one Reddit user wrote, ‘I bet he did all his homework in those 18 years.’ He then revealed he’d bought another GBA when he lost it, so his son wasn’t without a console for too long. Another user wrote, ‘Hahahah I had a good laugh at this. Thanks! Just what I needed this evening.’

Another user commented, ‘Is it just me, or does the gameboy exist in a different echelon to other toys/entertainment devices, I see stories like this from time to time where a Gameboy is lost to the ether for decades. Gets found. Still works. And everything about life is better?’

It’s true – finding a GBA would improve anyone’s day.


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