Dark Souls 3 Issues A Spicy Challenge To UK Fans

by : Ewan Moore on : 22 Mar 2016 10:44

Dark Souls 3 publisher Bandai Namco have decided to promote their upcoming game with a rather unusual competition.

Starting April 4, they’ll challenge people to eat 20 chicken wings as fast as they can. Wings so spicy, that you have to wear protective gloves while eating them. Shit just got real.


If you reckon you can hack it, you could win yourself a PS4, Dark Souls 3 Collector’s Edition, and the Dark Souls 3 Prestige Edition. Just be aware that the contest is only for folks in the UK.

UK restaurant MeatLiquor will serve up these wings of death. They’re covered in a quarter litre of chilli sauce that’s been specifically created for this contest.

So spicy are these wings, that the chef also needs to wear protective gloves while preparing them, in addition to a mask and goggles.


You’ll also need to sign a liability waiver before you start. That’s a spicy wing guys.

Anyone who participates gets an exclusive “I SURVIVED” the Dark Souls Wings Challenge t-shirt (assuming they do survive) and is entered into a hall of fame for their chosen MeatLiquor restaurant.

The fastest time from each restaurant wins the big console prize, while the fastest chicken muncher in the land earns themselves the Prestige Edition, complete with a 40cm tall Lord of Cinder statue.

The challenge runs till April 29, and is bound to cause severe stomach pains and rancid toilet bowls across the country.

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