Dark Souls 3 Promotes Upcoming Release With Sad Ben Affleck


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I would like to give all the awards to the Dark Souls 3 official Twitter account. When other marketing teams try to use memes to push a product, it’s usually out of date and embarrassing. But this? This is vogue, baby. 

See, publisher Namco Bandai have decided to use the infamous Sad Ben Affleck video that’s been doing the rounds ever since Batman V Superman received… less than favourable reviews.

To catch up anyone who wasn’t aware, Ben Aflleck (who plays Batman) was recently asked about the poor critical reception the film got. He then leaves Henry Cavill (Superman) to answer the question as he gazes off into the distance looking genuinely heartbroken. No doubt he’s having a Daredevil flashback.

Anyway, the internet obviously picked up on this moment of weakness and made it a meme, which Namco Bandai have now used to imply that sad Ben Affleck isn’t sad about the charred remains of a once promising DC cinematic universe, as we all assumed, but is actually sad about all the times he’s died in Dark Souls.

Watch the clip below:


To be fair to Ben, he was a truly excellent Batman in an otherwise awful movie. To be fair to Namco Bandai, this is genuinely very funny.