Dark Souls 3 Season Pass Comes With Two DLC Packs


Dark Souls 3 will be offering two expansions as part of its post launch content plans, and you can pre-order the season pass right now for £19.99.

This is the first time a Dark Souls game has offered a season pass, but not a whole lot is known about what exactly it’ll contain just yet.

For the moment, all we know is that the DLC will include new maps, bosses, enemies and additional weapon and armour sets, but nothing specific just yet. That’s not too surprising, since the game isn’t even out yet – personally I want to enjoy the content we get at launch before looking to the future.

You can currently pre-order the DLC pass on its own on Steam and Xbox Marketplace, but it’s not available as a standalone purchase on PlayStation 4 just yet, only as part of a bundle with the game itself.

In related news, Dark Souls 3 digital pre-orders for Xbox One will net you a copy of the original Dark Souls as a free bonus. Lovely.