Darth Maul Actor Smashes Through Beat Saber

Beat Games

Ray Parks is one of the few saving graces of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace as the popular Sith nuisance Darth Maul. His double ended lightsaber and acrobatic prowess made him a hit, unlike some Gungans who will remain nameless. 

Anyway, given Mr Parks was always a devil with a lightsaber (just ask Liam Neeson), it seems only right that the Darth Maul actor should take to the excellent VR rhythm game Beat Saber so naturally.

You can check him out doing his thing below, as posted to his personal Instagram account (and spotted by Kotaku).

For those that might not be aware and somehow haven’t worked it out from the above clip, Beat Saber is a rhythm action game that has you wield two lightsabers (that definitely can’t be called lightsabers for legal reasons) as you attack a series of blocks to the beat of whatever song you’ve chosen.

It’s a really bloody good game, and I fully recommend it to anyone and everyone with a decent VR setup at home.

Hopefully Mr Parks is getting trained up for further appearances as Darth Maul. Following his death in Phantom Menace, Parks reprised his role as the iconic Star Wars character in a surprising return to the movies in Solo: A Star Wars story.

The only thing that could have made the video above more epic is if Parks were getting down to the fantastic Duel of Fates by the wonderful John Williams… but I’ll take what I can get.