Daughter Humiliated After Dad Walks In On Her During Personal Livestream

by : UNILAD on : 03 Nov 2017 18:21
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A teenage girl was left utterly humiliated after her dad walked in during a personal livestream and went completely savage.

Kaileyann, who goes by the name KBubblez on Twitter, was filming a Twitch livestream when she was interrupted by her dad, who went off on one, in the most hilarious way.


In case you didn’t know – because I didn’t, Twitch is the world’s ‘leading video platform and community for gamers’ apparently.

Watch/listen to the clip here:

In a clip posted on Twitter, KBubblez is annoyed her Twitter account has been suspended and tells her dad she’s ‘just not having a good day at all’.


She tells her dad:

Twitch is next right? Close my door, literally close my door, yeah, close my door. Twitch is next. What did I do? I did nothing. You see me in my room.

To which he brutally replies:

You push the envelope everyday. I don’t even log on to your stream because I could be embarrassed at any moment by what you say or how you act. You don’t think of anybody else. You just think of you and look at you.

I’m just all up in you s**t, just ruining it for you. It’s not my fault you can’t come up with any content so you just f*cking bury yourself!


The burn!

Her fans thought the whole encounter was absolutely fantastic and took to Twitter to post a bunch of GIFs to show their appreciation:


She’s since posted a picture of her and her dad on her new Twitter account with the caption:


The man himself, love him so much.

‘It’s not my fault you can’t come up with any content.’ Very funny.

Not knowing a lot about Twitch, I did a bit of research and found MMA fighter, Demetrious ‘Mighty Mouse’ Johnson, is treating his as a ‘second career’.

Under the username mightymouseufc125, Johnson has said he’d rather not chat on livestream about his career as the Flyweight Champion of the UFC.

He told Kotaku:

I think a lot of the fans get mad at me [for not talking about fights], but at the end of the day, I’m a human being.

When a person thinks about fighting and makes fighting their world, when they lose or things don’t go the way they wanted, it all comes crashing down. For me, I have my family, my stream, my community.

I’m building something out of a passion I have and we all share that same passion, which is video games. So the last thing I want to do is talk about fighting.

He said he treats streaming video games on Twitch as a ‘second career’, telling Kotaku he hopes he can ‘transition into his main gig’ after he retires from fighting in ‘five or six’ years:

It’s time to start working on other things so that when I’m done fighting, I can be a great caster in H1Z1 or PUBG or Street Fighter or anything, really, because when my career is over, the UFC is gonna say, ‘Thanks for all your years of entertainment. Good job’.

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