DayZ Forums Have Been Hacked, User Info And Passwords Stolen


Developer Bohemia has been busy alerting DayZ forum members that a “security incident” took place recently.  Hackers were reportedly able to get hold of all usernames, emails, and passwords from the game’s forums. Oh dear. 

According to the alert, passwords were encrypted and not in a plain text format, but Bohemia have still advised forum users to change their password, especially if its the same one you use for other sites and services.

Bohemia have apologised for the inconvenience, and released a statement explaining how they plan to sort shit out (see below).

There was another breach to the DayZ forums back on January 23, but its not yet clear if the two are related. Bohemia pulled down servers for an hour yesterday to implement “security updates” and will later on be jumping into the computers Tron style to do battle with the hackers. That last part isn’t true.