Deadpool Director Takes Charge Of Upcoming Sonic Movie



Try as I might to forget it’s happening, the Sonic The Hedgehog movie is slowly lumbering into existence – a big-screen project that I don’t think anybody really asked for. 

It’s not all doom and gloom in the blue blur’s camp though, as new reports suggest that Deadpool director Tim Miller has signed up to help develop the Sonic flick, fresh off his official departure from the superhero sequel.

This is according to The Hollywood Reporterwho claim Miller will be teaming up with frequent collaborator Jeff Fowler, the latter of whom is set to direct the film for Sony Pictures (his directorial debut, in fact).

There are still no details on exactly what the movie version of Sonic will entail, though The Hollywood Reporter does once again reinforce original reports that the film will be a live-action/CGI hybrid.

In a long list of bad ideas for a Sonic movie, I would say that involving any live-action elements is up there. Did we learn NOTHING from the wretched bestiality-loving fan fiction bullshit that was Sonic ’06?

The script is said to be being worked on by Patrick Casey and Josh Miller, the team behind TV series Golan the Insatiable, while Neal H. Moritz is also signed on to produce.

For those that don’t know, Moritz has actually produced every Fast and Furious movie, so… the guy knows his speed. I don’t know if that’ll help. I don’t know if anything can really help this movie.

A concrete release date hasn’t been mentioned, but the original announcement from a few months back suggests we’ll see Sonic take to the big-screen in 2018.

Look, I do want the Sonic movie to be good (seriously), but they still struggle to get the games right – how can we trust ’em with a movie?