Death Stranding’s Trailer Is Hiding Something, Says Kojima



Death Stranding continues to leave wave after wave of dazed and confused gamer as they try and work out what the hell is going on. 

The most recent trailer for Hideo Kojima’s upcoming mystery game raised more questions than it answered. Why was Hellboy director Guillermo Del Tero holding a baby in a jar? Why are there skeleton soldiers? Why is Mads Mikkelsen’s character so fucking scary?

These are but a few of the things I continue to wonder. If you’ve yet to see the trailer, or want to watch it again, check it out below.

Now, like the cheeky old imp he is, Kojima himself has appeared online to offer further teases and potential advice for those that would seek to unlock the secrets of the new Death Stranding trailer.

Taking to Twitter, he said the trailer contains a lot of ‘hints’ or ‘misleads,’ and encouraged fans to watch it over and over again to try to find more clues.

Kojima also confirmed that Norman Reedus’ character – who appeared in the first trailer but not this new one – will be the playable character in Death Stranding. 

Mikkelsen’s shady character meanwhile, is the leader of a military group, and is presumably the antagonist. The implication is that Del Toro’s character does not want to be caught with the baby in the jar.

Of course, the black oily water and strands from the first trailer make a return here too, but what does it all mean? We’ll have to keep watching in the hopes that someone works it out.

Here’s the first trailer again…

Interestingly, there’s also a cool little Easter egg if you watch the first and second trailers at the same time, which is just vintage Kojima, really.

At the moment the baby disappears from naked Norman Reedus in trailer number one, it pops back up in Del Toro’s jar in the new trailer – check it out:


Death Stranding is still a long way off being ready, which should give us all plenty of time to try and work out what the hell is happening.