Debate Starts Over Whether The Queen Could Identify Mario

by : Emily Brown on : 28 Oct 2021 14:35
Debate Starts Over Whether The Queen Could Identify MarioAlamy

Social media users are debating whether Queen Elizabeth II would be able to identify everyone’s favourite animated plumber, Mario, if shown a picture of him. 

Created in the 1980s, Mario has become a staple character of the gaming world thanks to his various adventures alongside his brother Luigi, whether it be through racing his fellow Nintendo characters in go-karts or venturing through various tumultuous landscapes to try and track down Princess Peach.


It’s hard to imagine anyone wouldn’t recognise Mario when looking at him, but writer and producer Ben Jenkins began a heated debate on Twitter when he raised the question of whether the Queen would be among the millions of people who could name the character.

Mario Kart (Nintendo)Nintendo

He wrote: ‘Do you reckon the queen could identify Mario? Like if you showed the queen a picture of Mario, would she be able to say “that’s Mario”. Genuinely quite torn on this. Apologies if it’s been covered in The Crown.’

Since sharing the question yesterday evening, October 27, Jenkins’ post has received thousands of likes, shares and comments from those offering their thoughts on whether Mario is a familiar face to Britain’s longest-reigning monarch.


Pointless host Richard Osman was among those getting involved as he expressed belief the Queen would have been introduced in a roundabout way through a viewing of his game show.

He wrote: ‘She definitely watches ‘Pointless‘ and we have definitely had pictures of Mario on the show, so the information has been in front of her for sure. I’m saying yes.’


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Twitter user Bec Shaw responded to ask Jenkins whether she should ask her Nanna whether she knows who Mario is, saying ‘If she doesn’t there is no way the queen does’, though Jenkins responded to point out the Queen has people who brief her on important subjects, potentially including the popularity of Mario.

He wrote: ‘Don’t you think that, unlike you’re [sic] Nanna, the queen has to get briefed on things on a semi regular basis? This is the the nub of the problem. (Apologies if your Nanna needs to be briefed on things on a regular basis).’

One person used research to try and determine whether the Queen would have ever come across Mario, sharing an article that revealed Her Majesty was familiar with Nintendo as a brand as she ‘loves playing the Wii’, however the article only referred to her playing ‘a simple ten-pin bowling game’ – likely Wii Sports, rather than a Mario-led game.


Another Twitter user expressed belief ‘the Windsors are a Playstation household’, while a third countered that she may know of the character through her younger family members, writing: ‘as a minimum harry and wills are going to have played some mario while she was around. And if she watches any telly at all she’ll remember that old advert for Super Mario Bros 3 where it was just millions of people shouting his name. She knows.’

In a bid to find out for sure whether the Queen is familiar with Mario, comedian Alex Lee tagged the official Royal Family Twitter account and asked those in charge to report back. Only time will tell whether we’ll get an answer, but until then, it’s fun to consider the Queen taking on the persona of Bowser and hitting her enemies with banana skins.


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