Destiny Update Gets Release Date And New Details


The majority of gamers might currently be tucking in to The Division, but don’t forget about a little game called Destiny. Developer Bungie have announced that their major new update will in fact be coming on April 12, and brings with it a slew of new goodies.

As Bungie previously promised, the update (referred to as patch 2.2.0) is set to raise the level cap, as well as bring in new gear and PvE activities to enjoy.

There’s also a new quest featuring the Blighted Chalice Strike, and players will be seeing an increase to their maximum Light and rewards, as well as updates to the Sandbox and Crucible. Plenty to be getting on with, then.

The update will be free for anybody who owns the Taken King expansion, and Bungie are set to show us what’s in store via a series of Twitch streams over the next three Wednesdays. Doubtless, we’ll be getting loads more details on the update during those streams.

Outside of a few small events here and there, this is the first major thing to hit Destiny since The Taken King expansion landed back in September.

Could this update be Bungie’s way of gearing up to take on The Division and reclaim some of its players? If it is, will it be successful? We’ll have to wait and see.