Destiny World Record Attempt Ruined By Game Glitch


Imagine how furious you’d be if your world record attempt was thwarted by an inexplicable glitch? Well, now you know how the Redeem clan feel.

Redeem were on the path to being the first clan in history to beat Destiny’s new Hard Mode version of endgame raid ‘Wrath of the Machine’. Having been first to beat the normal version of the raid, they were hot favourites to rip it up in hard mode. That is until tragedy struck – check it out below.

The team were beasting the raid left, right and centre until suddenly, they were wiped. No warning, no reason, just wipe. Ouch.

Just after beating the massive Death Zamboni, one wiseguy in the party goes too far ahead and out of the arena, causing a rare glitch to wipe the raid. Thanks to the wipe, they had to do the whole sequence over and lost valuable time, placing third and failing to get the world record.

destiny-wrath-of-the-machine-update-552516Daily Star

Unfortunately for Redeem, the glitch is known to Bungie, and a fix is being worked on, but it’s too little too late. Maybe they can have a crack at another world record attempt until a new raid comes up. Fastest whittling of a 4 set of wooden spoons maybe? The quest continues.