Detective Pikachu’s Latest Trailer Is Adorably Weird

Warner Bros

The Detective Pikachu movie starring Ryan Reynolds continues to look far better than a live action Pokemon film starring Ryan Reynolds has any right to in the latest trailer. 

You can check out the new trailer below and marvel at some of the incredible CG work that’s gone into creating these hyper realistic Pokemon. Have fun spotting as many critters as you can. Charizard continues to look awesome, and Mr Mime is undiluted nightmare fuel.

Reynolds voices the titular Detective Pikachu, a wise cracking fuzzy yellow critter who inhabits a world where people and Pokemon live together in harmony – but it’s a world with a dark and seedy underbelly.

Pikachu is on a quest to find his human partner, ace detective Harry Goodman. Before long he teams up with Goodman’s son, Tim, and the unlikely duo chase down clues across Ryme City–a “sprawling, modern metropolis”.

As you can imagine, the two get into all manner of scrapes, meet a number of classic Pokemon, and will presumably learn some kind of lesson about friendship before the credits roll.

I’ll be honest, my interest in this film was at absolute zero before the trailers landed, and now I feel like the flick – directed by Rob Letterman – actually looks a genuinely good time for the whole family.

Hopefully I won’t be disappointed when the movie hits cinemas on May 10, because I’ll fully be elbowing kids out of the way to get to the front of the queue for this one.

If the above trailers have whetted your appetite, why not check out a recut trailer starring Danny Devito as Pikachu? That’s sure to kill your buzz and leave you disgusted.

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