Devil May Cry Is Being Turned Into A Stage Musical, For Real


I think we can all agree Devil May Cry is absolutely up there on the list of video games crying out for a live-action musical adaptation, and it looks like that’s exactly what we’re about to get. No, seriously. 

In news that’s frankly far too odd to make up, Devil May Cry: The Live Hacker is an upcoming musical stage play adaptation of the beloved Capcom video game series.


The Live Hacker will come exclusively to Japan next Spring, and will run for a total of thirteen shows between the March 1 to 10 2019 at Tokyo’s Zepp DiverCity.

This wonderfully odd fusion of video game and musical will apparently feature a mix of exciting theatrical action set-pieces and live musical performances, to capture what makes Devil May Cry so popular.

Basically then, the whole thing will probably involve an actor flipping around and shooting stuff on stage while a live metal band shreds away. If that’s the case then I am most definitely in.

The cast for Devil May Cry: The Live Hacker currently consists of Baba Ryoma as Dante, Maejima Ami as Ellis, Yuki Nakayama as Henry, Tomoya Yamaguchi as Owen, Takumi Sueno as Luke, and Jun Shirota as Muro. We have no idea what the show’s plot entails at this point.

Tickets for the show are going at 7,800 (£53/$69) for general admission and 9,800 (£66.50/$86.50) for premium. Folk who live outside of Japan would of course also have to factor in the price of a plane ticket, because it’d be a bit of walk.