Devs Discuss How Quantum Break Delay Benefited The Game


Quantum Break hits stores tomorrow (April 5), but it was originally meant to release last year. Why so late? In a recent interview with MCV UK, creative director Sam Lake shed some light on the delay, and how the team actually benefited from the extra time.

Lake explains that Quantum Break was delayed to 2016 because Microsoft wanted to stagger out its lineup of big titles.

He said:

It [Xbox] was looking at its portfolio of upcoming games and [was] feeling that it would be foolish to have all of these bigger games come out at the same time, essentially fighting among themselves for the audience.

Still, Lake reckons the delay was a boon, as it allowed the team at Remedy Entertainment a bit more time to polish the game and iron out the creases. He reasoned that with such a big title, it’s always key to make sure you’re fine tuning the product, making sure it doesn’t go out riddled with bugs – naming no Assassin’s Creeds. 

Quantum Break follows the exploits of Jack Joyce, your typical action hero type with a twist – he can manipulate time, leading to all manner of cool gameplay moments.

Fingers crossed that the audience enjoys the adventure, and that the time Lake and his team spent polishing the game was worth it.