Devs Discuss Massive Changes For Call Of Duty, Teaser Trailer Released


Seems like today is a big day for Call of Duty fans. Activision have been teasing announcement all over the shop, while also talking about what the new entry means for the franchise going forward. 

Developer Infinity Ward – who previously worked on the adored Modern Warfare and not so adored Ghosts – are returning to the Call of Duty series with a new effort said to be called Infinite Warfare (and set in space). Could we get confirmation of this rumour today?

Yesterday’s teaser video (below) acted as a puzzle of sorts. The mysterious clip instructed fans to message this new CODMessenger page on Facebook.

Solving it lead to a mention of some kind of announcement coming tomorrow, which was later officially confirmed by Infinity Ward via the above tweet.

In a separate video, the Modern Warfare devs released a Call of Duty “Heritage” video. In this video, the chaps at Infinity Ward discuss what the franchise means to them and how they hope their new game will keep the series relevant.

The team are expecting big things from the game, even comparing it to Modern Warfare in terms of impact. That game, if you remember, was well received by fans everywhere and was pretty much a huge leap forward for the franchise.

Design director Jacob Minkoff said in the video:

I want people to play our new game and say, ‘Wow, I haven’t seen CoD change that much since [Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare].

Art director Brian Horton also talked up the new game in the video, claiming that it’ll push franchise storytelling to “new heights”. Check out that video below.

We should be getting much more news on the new Call of Duty during a live stream on Twitch later today. That’s at around 5:30pm, UK time.