DICE Just Dropped Some Bad News About Battlefield 4


Developer DICE have announced that there will be no more content updates for Battlefield 4. A producer over at DICE LA recently dropped the bombshell over Twitter.

Check out the Tweet below – straight from the horse’s (or producer’s) mouth

For the unaware, the CTE stands for Community Test Enviroment. It’s basically where DICE release content before launching into the game proper. Considering they’ll no longer be putting any new content out through CTE, we can pretty much assume that’s the end in terms of new content of any kind for Battlefield 4.

It certainly makes sense. We know that DICE are hard at work on their next Battlefield game – the new entry should be arriving between September and December 2016. Plus, Battlefield 4 was released back in 2013, so maybe it’s time we let go.

Still, if this news turns out to be true and it really is the end of Battlefield 4 content, the last piece of post game goodness will have been the free, remade maps from Battlfield 2 and 3 (released December 2015). Seems like the perfect parting gift, all things considered.