Dino Crisis Characters And Weapons Added To Resident Evil 2 Remake Via Mod


While that glorious Dino Crisis remake we’re all coveting has yet to materialise from Capcom, a new mod for the Resident Evil 2 remake has arrived to tide us over. 

Modder CrazyPotato has kindly inserted Dino Crisis’ Regina and Dylan into Capcom’s recently released zombie romp, swapping out Leon and Claire. There are few other cool touches too, such as Sherry sporting a Dino Crisis jacket, and a Glock waiting in the RPD main hall.


Unfortunately the mod doesn’t come with added dinosaurs, so you’ll just have to play through Resi with Regina or Dylan and pretend that the shambling, rotting undead citizens of raccoon city are actually giant scaly reptiles.

I mean, you’ll have to do a fair bit of pretending, but it is what it is. Check out a video of the mod in action below, and if you like what you see, you can get it downloaded from here.

I’m sure it goes without saying, but this mod is of course only available for PC. There. I said it anyway.

Dino Crisis remake in the vein of Resident Evil 2 has previously been hinted at by Capcom, as the developer revealed a few months back it’s currently looking into its fulsome back catalogue to see what other games could benefit from the remake treatment.

While Dino Crisis was never specifically mentioned, fans of the franchise have been super vocal about wanting to see it happen, and given how well Resi 2 has performed, I’d be surprised if Capcom weren’t starting to take notice.