Dino Crisis Remake A Possibility As Capcom Explores Its Old Classics


Capcom is looking into its substantial back catalogue of classic games in an attempt to work out what else could benefit from the remake treatment after Resident Evil 2

During an investor meeting, Capcom revealed that it expects Resident Evil 2  to be in the “million seller” class of titles, and following the positive reaction to the remake at shows like E3, they’ve already started exploring other vintage hits from their library.

Capcom told investors:

Further, regarding remakes and rereleases of titles in our back catalog, we expect to explore these further with a variety of properties as a part of our strategy to utilize our library of IP.

While there was no specific mention of the popular PlayStation era reptilian survival horror Dino Crisis during the investor meeting, fans have been super vocal about their desire to see the franchise make a comeback on Twitter.

The last Dino Crisis was all the way back in 2003, so it’s a real testament to the quality and impact of the original games that people are still after a new entry 15 years later.

Back in September, Metro asked Resident Evil 2 Remake Producer Tsuyoshi Kanda and Director Kazunori Kado about a Dino Crisis remaster, and while the pair didn’t confirm it, they didn’t exactly deny it.

Kanda said: 

As a company, we’ve always had a direction of using our legacy, and our existing masterpieces, and trying to find ways to utilise those assets that we have to bring in new players, who never discovered our games before. And that aspect of Capcom as a company is always going to be one of our strong directions.


While the wait for Dino Crisis continues, we at least have the Resident Evil 2 Remake to look forward to on January 25, 2019.