DOOM Developers Really Want You To Know The New Movie Is Nothing To Do With Them

Bethesda/Universal Pictures

Yesterday I had the honour of writing up a piece on the new, straight to DVD DOOM movie, DOOM: Annihilation. While I’m willing to give it a chance, the general consensus seems to be that the film looks like a mushy pile of soiled trousers. 

Unfortunately, it seems like DOOM developer id Software aren’t exactly fans of the upcoming feature either. GeorgeTheRaven took to Twitter to ask to ask the studio for its “most honest opinion.”

Their response? “We’re not involved with the movie.” Rarely does such a short tweet say so much.

It seems safe to assume that id Software is fairly keen to distance itself from the possible stink around this film, then. Annihilation will be the first live-action attempt at a DOOM flick since 2005’s awful outing, which starred Dwayne Johnson.

While the franchise might not fare so well in the land of cinema, it’s fair to say that id has been crushing it on the video game side of things. 2016’s DOOM reboot was one of the best shooters I’ve played in the last decade, and the upcoming DOOM Eternal looks like it’s gonna take everything that made that game work and turn it up to 11 (or 666).

The latest game is headed to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch sometime in 2019, and will see everyone’s favourite DOOM guy take on demons as hell descends on Earth.

As for the upcoming film, it’ll focus on a gang of space marines who are sent to a martian moon base to answer a distress call. Obviously, the place is overrun by demons and wackiness ensues.

The film is slated for a “Fall” release, and has a lead character called Joan Dark, a name which I’m still fairly certain must have been nicked from some 12 year old’s Twilight fan fiction.

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