Doom Developers Reveal Roughly How Long Game’s Campaign Lasts


If you’ve been wondering just how long it’ll take you to blast through the new Doom’s campaign mode, developer id software put it at around 13 hours – though difficulty level does play a factor.

The answer to this burning question was revealed via Twitter, with the Doom team mentioning that 13+ is the time it takes the guys in the office to beat the campaign.

13 hours is a touch more than what one might expect from a traditional shooter – you’re usually looking at about 6-10 hours in a campaign. Of course, this new Doom will have a focus on non linear exploration, so anyone eager to find all the secrets they can should expect to enjoy it for a bit longer.

Then there’s the mutiplayer mode too, which is the real bread and butter of the modern shooter and is bound to extend Doom’s shelf life.

Doom is launching in May for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. A beta will be held ahead of launch, but we don’t know exactly when just yet.