Dreamcast Games Could Be Coming To Switch Soon


It’s no secret that the Nintendo Switch is kind of lacking in terms of retro titles right now. Beyond a handful of NES and Neo Geo games, there really isn’t much to write home about. 

That all seems set to change soon though, as emulation specialty developer M2’s CEO Naoki Horii has confirmed to Japanese gaming mag Famitsu that the company is close to finalising plans to bring Dreamcast games to the Switch.

Hopefully, this means Sonic Adventure, Jet Set Radio, Shenmue, and more on Nintendo’s portable. A very delicious concept indeed.

This follows Sega’s own line of retro Switch ports under the Sega AGES banner, which was accompanied with the ambitious promise back in April that the company hopes to bring all of their beloved back catalogue to the Switch eventually. Dreamcast titles included.

Horii explained that they’re close, but isn’t sure which method they’ll be using:

Depending on whether you are going to emulate or pick up the source code and make it remake, the transplant work will be different. I think that Sega chooses for each title there, but since emulation can also increase the number of other games that can be emulated.

A recent poll by Sega asked fans which games they’d like to see added to the AGES lineup, with the excellent Jet Set Radio topping the list. This demand for Dreamcast content was apparently a factor in the company really starting to seriously consider bringing such titles to Switch.

Sega AGES supervisor Yosuke Okunari even teased that we could see Dreamcast ports with added features:

I think that this time the results of the survey influenced that as well. I haven’t really come to a conclusion yet, but I wonder if it’d be better to release more titles from the list in a manner similar to the Virtual Console (in their original state) or to hand-pick a select few with added features (like the Grantnoff boss in the 3DS version of Thunder Blade)…

It certainly seems to be a question of how and when at this stage, and not if. Obviously, this is great news for fans of the Dreamcast, but would you rather see straight emulation, or slightly enhanced ports?

Obviously the former would be quicker and easier, but the sooner I can play Sonic Adventure 2 on the toilet, the better.