Driver Voted Best Ever PlayStation 1 Game

by : UNILAD on : 11 Feb 2018 19:13

Sometimes we forget just how good the quality of the games we have now really are – often, we fail to remember the heavily pixelated and blurry epics we spent our childhoods fascinating over.


It’s been over two decades since the PlayStation 1 was released – which means it’s been the best part of 20 years since I was last frantically taking scratched discs out of thick plastic cases and whacking them into my PS1 – turning on with that all too familiar sound.

We all had our favourites but now one game (well, two games) have been voted as the greatest PS1 game of all time, so if you’re ready, here they are.

According to Ranker, Driver and its sequel Driver 2, have been voted the greatest ever PlayStation 1 games – and can you disagree?

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Sure there were greater games which came out in the future, but Driver – released initially in 1999 – was one of the first to truly revolutionise gaming in a way which is still used today. Not bad for an industry which is changing literally every day.

It was one of the first to incorporate an open world, a device which was later used in the Grand Theft Auto franchise, Red Dead Redemption, Minecraft, and countless others.

Apparently, the car chases in the game were intended to mimic car chases from cult classic movies of the 60’s and 70’s such as Bullitt, The French Connection and of course, The Driver.

In Driver you could even watch back your old chases in Film Director mode, another device which was picked up by other games in the years which followed.

When reviewing Driver for IGN back in 1999, Doug Perry, explained:

In the history of driving games for PlayStation, there is nothing that comes close to the comprehensive, deep, and thoroughly pleasurable experience that’s embedded deep in the heart of Driver.

It fulfils driving enthusiasts’ deepest desires to drive as fast as possible through major US cities and to slam into just about anything without any repercussions. In that sense, Driver is a dream come true.


Everybody has their own favourite PS1 game.

The game they played tirelessly before and after school until your mum forced you off the console.

So I’ve no doubt some will argue against Driver’s place on the list but when you take in the facts, it’s hard to disagree with.

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