Dying Light: The Following Collector’s Edition Costs £6.9 million


If you happen to have a spare £6.9 million knocking around (and let’s face it – who doesn’t), then why not pick up the new Dying Light super collector’s edition from GAME?

The ‘Spotlight Edition’ of Dying Light is $10 million (roughly £6.88) and gets you four copies of the game on any platform (signed by the development team), as well as some interesting, extravagant extras.

The final buyer will also net themselves a supporting role and guaranteed speaking part in the upcoming Dying Light movie adaptation. Of course, there’s no guarantee you’re any good at acting, so the bundle also thoughtfully provides acting lessons.

But wait – there’s more (for the price they’re asking you’d certainly hope so). A world screening tour to every festival that screens the film, stuntman/parkour training, and an off-road driving course are also on offer. You’ll get to keep the car at the end of these lessons too.

You’ll also get a luxury trailer during your time on set, an FX make-up session, an original copy of the movie script and 10 VIP tickets for opening night. There’s “3-Star catering” too, which seems a touch anticlimactic after everything else.

If you’re actually mental enough to try and buy this collector’s edition through GAME, you’ll receive a message requesting you go directly through the Dying Light developers to arrange the purchase.

You’d then need to provide a bank statement that proves you could actually afford to spend £6.9 million, but do be aware that a disclaimer at the bottom of the page reads that the details “do not constitute an offer within the meaning of the law”.

So if you’ve got wads of cash to piss away on something that may or may not provide everything it claims to, have at it.