EA Have Officially Announced All The Hero Characters In Battlefront

EA Star Wars

To many of us, this will be fairly old news, but EA and DICE have officially announced the six hero characters heading to Star Wars Battlefront when the game drops.

So anybody who played the Star Wars Battlefront beta will already be pretty clued up on the fact that Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader are playable hero characters, and anybody with a pair of eyeballs and access to YouTube will know that Boba Fett will be making an appearance.

EA have now confirmed what dataminers have long known, and announced three more playable characters in the form of Han Solo, Princess Leia and the big man himself, Emperor Palpatine.

But we now have a pretty comprehensive idea of what each character will be able to do. Here’s a quick break down:

Han Solo

EA Star Wars

Like a juiced-up Rebel Trooper, this scruffy lookin’ nerf herder has Rapid Shot, which lets you shoot rapidly, Lucky Shot which is a charged blast that does huge damage, and Shoulder Charge – inspired by A New Hope – has Han charge wildly at an enemy.

Princess Leia

EA Star Wars

Leia will be a key supporter character for the main Rebel forces as her abilities let her buff those around her. Trooper Bane allows her to kill enemies with one hit and massively damage hero characters, Enhanced Squad Shield, which pretty much does what it says on the tin, though Leia can shoot out of it and Supply Drop, which drops power-ups for those around her.

Emperor Palpatine

EA Star Wars

The big dog. Palpatine is all about coming in like a wrecking ball with his attacks. Force Lightening uses the blue lightening from Return of the Jedi to deal massive damage, while Chain Lightening can damage multiple targets at once through a chained attack. The Emperor will also have a Force Dash attack that let’s him move in and out of battle quickly.

Star Wars Battlefront will release fully on November 17 on all platforms. Check out our thoughts on the open beta here.