EA Uploaded The Goals Of The Season For FIFA 15 And They’re Magnificent


With FIFA 16 releasing on September 25th, EA Sports have uploaded the best goals of the season scored in FIFA 15, and there’s some serious scorchers.

We’ve all scored some absolute screamers on FIFA, and perhaps more depressingly, we’ve also had some absolute screamers scored against us. Be that as it may, the goals in this video are just so impeccable, you can only applaud the audacity.

Bale’s diving header, Ronaldo’s rabona, Messi’s… everything. Many people are calling for the dodgy goalkeepers to be fixed for the upcoming instalment of the game and rightly so, they can be pretty frustrating. But without them, we wouldn’t have had some of these heroic efforts.

When in doubt – #daretoZlatan.