Elder Scrolls Remaster Rumours Strengthened By New Leak



A few days back, rumours sprung up that Bethesda would be announcing a remastered version of Skyrim for current gen consoles at E3. 

A number of industry insiders seemed to agree that we’d definitely be getting an Elder Scrolls remaster, and that it’d likely be Skyrim with all DLC and the inclusion of mod support, like Fallout 4. 

Now, the UK online store Base.com has put up a listing for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – The Definitive Edition. It looks like you can even pre-order it now, if you’re so inclined – The release date is down as November 23, 2016.

Is the timing a little suspect? I’d say so, and it’s always worth approaching every rumour leading up to E3 with an extra strength dose of salt.

Still, this particular rumour has gathered a fair bit of steam now and everyone seems convinced it’s a sure thing. There’s every chance a plucky Base employee could have misunderstood the rumour as confirmation and decided to go ahead and schedule the game, but then they’d hardly make up a release date, would they?

Would Oblivion or Morrowind be more deserving of a remaster? Unquestionably. Still, I have a feeling Bethesda know a Skyrim remaster (if this turns out to be true) will bring simply bring in much more money.