Elderly Couple Have Played Mario Kart 64 Together Everyday For Almost 20 Years

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If you thought Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds were ‘couple goals’ well think again.


Living with your partner can sometimes be a struggle as you bicker over who does the chores or makes dinner.

However, rather than fight, this couple thought of a fun way to settle who is making the next round of brews before an argument even begins. They use the popular and trusted racing game Mario Kart 64.

Three days ago (January 3) Redditor ‘bork1138’ shared a picture of his parents playing the hit game together in their living room, opting for the Balloon Battle rather than a race.


And according to bork, the couple do this every single day and have done since 2001 to decide who will make a cup of tea.

To be honest, that is the best way I have heard of settling ‘who is brewing up’ or any squabble really.

Their son captioned the post, which at time of writing (January 6) has received a whopping 124,000 upvotes, with the following:

Every day my parents play Mario Kart 64 to see who will make a cuppa tea. They’ve done this religiously since 2001.

I really hope me and my partner are like this couple in the future, but unfortunately I have been banned from playing Mario Kart thanks to my competitiveness.

But hey, it isn’t my fault. The game messes me about, meaning the controller often ends up on the floor out of anger!


Although many people in the comments on Reddit questioned the legitimacy of the post, photo evidence from Instagram was shared to back his claims.

Instagram user Louis Hvejsel Bork shared a very similar photo over four years ago on December 31, 2014, writing:

The rents play Mario Kart 64 everyday to see who makes the tea, and I’m the kid?

So the foundation to a healthy marriage that can stand the test of time? Competitive video gaming.

Now I just have to get my Mario Kart ban lifted so me and my partner can use this method to decide who makes dinner.

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    Every day my parents play Mario Kart 64 to see who will make a cuppa tea. They’ve done this religiously since 2001.

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