Epic Games Store’s First Massive Sale Includes A Free Game Every Week

by : Ewan Moore on : 17 May 2019 10:06
Epic Games Store's First Massive Sale Includes A Free Game Every WeekDeep Silver/Quantic Dream

One of things we all love about Steam is the seasonal sales that offer massive discounts on a vast range of titles, inviting us all to bulk up our libraries with games we’ll probably never get around to playing. 

As a relatively new rival to Valve’s digital storefront, it makes sense that the Epic Games Store would want to establish a similar tactic and start holding its own sales, you know, in addition to poaching exclusive AAA releases with increasing regularity.

Deep Silver

As a result, the first big sale on the Epic Games Store is now live, and there are plenty of massive discounts to be had. Obviously, Epic’s store doesn’t have quite the breadth of content that Steam offers just yet, but there are still plenty of games worthy of your attention that are available for pretty low prices right now.

The store’s catalogue has been reduced by up to 75 percent, and every game you purchase that’s over £14 will have an additional £10/$10 knocked off the price, which is nice.

Highlights include the surprisingly fun zombie romp World War Z for £18.10, the excellent survival horror/FPS Metro Exodus for £27.49, and the Dark Souls-inspired Ashen for £13.99.


You can also pre purchase a slew of upcoming Epic Store titles at an all time low price, including the previously PlayStation-exclusive Quantic Dream games. Beyond Two Souls and Heavy Rain are currently £5.99 each, while Detroit: Become Human is a respectable £19.99. You can check out the full selection of deals right here.

Epic Games

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The sale runs until June 13, and Epic will be increasing the amount of free games it offers during this period to one a week. Currently, you can get the episodic horror game Stories Untold for absolutely nothing, but the charming – if uneven – indie darling Rime is coming in the next few days.

In steamier news, a recent leak confirmed the start date for the much-anticipated Steam Summer Sale. You can expect to be able to start throwing money at all those games you’ll never play when Valve’s effort goes live at 5pm on June 25 in the UK.


As far as sales are concerned, I’d imagine the edge will still go to Steam when it comes down to the two rival storefronts. As I said earlier, Steam simply has more games to offer at this stage, whereas Epic’s lineup is still fairly modest.


With that said, who knows where the two stores will be this time next year? Especially if Epic keeps snapping up exclusives at the rate it has been.

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