Fallout 4 And Metal Gear Solid V Collide In New Mod


If you’ve ever played Fallout 4 and thought to yourself; “it’s pretty good, but needs some more Metal Gear”, then today is your lucky day. A new PC mod for Bethesda’s open world adventure allows gamers to play as characters from The Phantom Pain.

Nexus Mods user Akiba91 has been hard at work bringing MGSV characters Venom Snake, Quiet, and Skullface to the wasteland. The new mod – Metal Gear Solid – ALL IN ONE STANDALONE – is available to download now. You’ll be able to play as any of three above characters, and you’ll get a whole bunch of other assets like eye-patches and horns.

To use the mod after installing it, you’ll either need to download the Armorsmith Extended mod, and craft the themed items at any workbench, or enter various console commands. We’re not gonna list them all here, but you can check them out right here. You’re welcome.

Apparently, Konami have actually given Akiba full permission to use official assets in the making of this mod. Fingers crossed they don’t change their mind and then try to wipe the mod off everyone’s computers after download.