Fallout 4 Has Tons Of New Features Released During QuakeCon Demo


Fallout 4’s living god (also Game Director) Todd Howard has demoed the game in front of a select audience at QuakeCon, and heaps of new info has been confirmed.

While no cameras were allowed in the gameplay demo, some journalists were allowed to live update their social media sites to talk about whatever they found interesting. Using the live blog on IGN, gaming site Dualshockers have compiled a list of all the new features. There may be a lot of it, but check out all the new information and features below and get hyped.

– Mr. Handy’s internals have been modelled, as you can see his parts if he’s destroyed.

– A large number  (over 1,000) of character names have been recorded, and will be spoken, including “fuckface.”

– The dog “Dogmeat” in the game is modeled after “River,” belonging to the the Lead Level Designer.

– Preston Garvey is the Leader of the Commonwealth Minute men. He has only five men left to lead.

– One of the environments of the game is Diamond City, built in the ruins of Fenway Park (the stadium of the Boston Red Sox).

– Preston Garvey can be a companion, alongside the female Piper, Dogmeat and Mr. Handy. There will be about twelve different companions in the game.

– Human companions can be romanced regardless of gender.

– The terminal hacking and lock picking systems are included in the game. They look similar to Fallout 3 and New Vegas.

– The strength stat will allow the player to carry more items.

– A series of videos will be released showcasing each stat.

– There are perks, chosen by the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. menu (that looks like a poster), and you can pick one every time you level up. There are seven categories and ten rows of increasingly better perks.

– Examples of perks are “Attack Dog” and “Intimidation.”

– Looting works with a smaller list view that pops up and can be scrolled through.

– More environments of the game are the town of Lexington, the Corvega power plant.

– The laser musket reloads after each shot by cranking a lever on the side.

– It’s possible to check out the cover of books and comics books by zooming on them and rotating the view.

– There are battles between different NPC factions, and the player can stand back and let them kill each other, or intervene.

– The Fallout Brotherhood power armor is back, alongside the Fat Man launcher. There are also airships. The Fat Man was used in the demo to blow up a Behemoth mutant.

– Gore is included, and heads can be blown up.

– Ghouls can climb through windows.

– You can look at the Pip-boy in combat. It pauses the game.

Just a bit to think about then…