Fallout 4 Mods Coming To Xbox One After Next Week’s DLC


PC players get the best of everything. Not only are they already able to mod the night away on any game they choose, they also got first crack at Bethesda’s official mod shop nearly two weeks ago. 

Well, we finally have a date for Xbox One owners to mark in their diaries (kind of).

We knew mod support would be coming for the console some time in May, and Bethesda recently confirmed through Twitter that a closed beta will be coming after the Far Harbour expansion, so any time beyond May 19th.

I mean, you can’t say Bethesda don’t know how to build suspense. It took ’em a while to tell us it was coming in May, and while we still don’t have an exact date, we can now narrow it down to any time between the 19th and 31st of the month. Progress.

Bethesda also announced that PC mods have hit one million downloads (I assume that’s through the official Creation Kit alone).

Fallout 4 has enjoyed a wide range of mods, incorporating everything from photorealistic graphic mods, to Biggie Smalls himself.

Bethesda’s official Creation Kit aims to make the art of modding more accessible, and much less hassle to download and install.

It’s an entirely new system that lets you upload your mods to Bethesda.net, which can then be browsed, downloaded and installed from within the game. Check it out in action below.

Unfortunately PlayStation 4 owners have a little longer to wait, as the Creation Kit won’t be coming to you till June.