Fallout 4 PS4 Mods Dealt Major Blow By Bethesda


Fallout 4 mod support was supposed to come to the PlayStation 4 this month, but a recent announcement from Bethesda seems to suggest that’s not going to be happening anymore, or at least for a long time.

Bethesda Game Studios confirmed on Twitter that the PS4 mods beta has been delayed, which would suggest that the public release will suffer the same fate.

Bethesda has yet to explain why the PS4 beta has been delayed, though the company previously acknowledged several issues with Fallout 4 PS4 mods that could impact memory and overall performance.

Fallout 4 mod support came to Xbox One back in May. The mods are created on PC and then published on an official site where console gamers can browse and download at their leisure.

I’d imagine the setup will be identical when (or if) the mod support makes its way to PS4. Check out a video explaining the system below.

It’s a real shame that PS4 owners have a little longer to wait, because it seems like Xbox and PC gamers have been embracing some crazy mods for a while now.

So far we’ve had everything from cheat menus and gorilla companions, to the ability to have Catmeat in your life instead of Dogmeat. Of course, PC gamers have been able to do shit like this for years, so they’re probably just sat rolling their eyes at the rest of us.


I worry how these issues could affect the confirmed mod support for the Skyrim PS4 remaster – so let’s keep ’em crossed that the issue is resolved by the time that game launches.