Fallout 4’s Thomas The Tank Engine Mod Is Pure Nightmare Fuel


Get ready to have your childhood memories ripped to shreds, because Thomas the Tank Engine is back, and this time, he’s pissed.

Following on from this week’s Macho Man Randy Savage mod, veteran modder trainwiz has put the little engine that could into Fallout 4‘s wasteland, and it’s a mix of hilarity and pure, white-knuckled horror.

This isn’t the first time trainwiz has stuck our mate Thomas into a mod – back in 2013 he changed Skyrim‘s dragons into the train from hell to similar effect.

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As well as replacing Fallout‘s Deathclaws with Thomas, he also replaces Vertibirds, missiles, mini-nukes, the MIRV launchers, Liberty Prime and one of the Flight Helmets because reasons. You can download the Really Useful Fallout mod via NexusMods here.

Choo choo mother fucker.