Fallout 4’s Updated Survival Mode Coming Very Soon


For anyone who wants a little more challenge out of Fallout 4, Bethesda have announced that their overhauled Survival Mode should be in Steam beta as early as next week. 

The news comes via a tweet, although it remains unclear when PlayStation and Xbox users will get to enjoy the revamped difficulty setting.

For the unaware, Survival Mode is an optional difficulty setting that makes surviving in the harsh nuclear wasteland much trickier than before – and it was never really a picnic to begin with.

The upped challenge comes with the usual features: Enemies are stronger, you take more damage and ammo is more valuable – all that jazz.

There are also a couple of interesting new ideas, such as not being able to quick save or fast travel, and having to keep yourself fed and watered to stay alert and at your Super Mutant slaying best.

In other Fallout news, the Automatron DLC was recently released, allowing players to collect and build their own robot minions (awesome).

There’s also a new mod lurking on the internet that lets you take control of the canine companion Dogmeat. It’s a giddy time to be a Fallout fan, that’s for sure.