Fallout 76 Gets A Whopping 47GB Patch 1.02

by : Ewan Moore on : 20 Nov 2018 11:29

Fallout 76 has finally arrived, and the reviews have been less than stellar. Many outlets (us included) took particular issue with the staggering number of bugs and uninspired quest design. 


While the critics and fans have been lamenting the game’s problems, Bethesda has been working on massive patch that obviously won’t magically fix everything in the game, but should provide a strong first step in the right direction.

Bethesda says this new patch will introduce a number of bug fixes and stability improvements, and should fix a number of irritating issues like consistent frame rate drops. Unfortunately, the patch comes in at an eye-watering 47GB – at least on PS4.

The news came from the Fallout Twitter account, as they outlined everything you can expect to see in Patch 1.02.


As you’d expect from an update this large, there’s quite a lot to go through, so feel free to click the link and peruse at your own pace.

In our review, we maintained that the concept of a multiplayer Fallout game does have a ton of potential. If Bethesda continues to work with the community to iron out bugs, deliver quality of life improvements, and slowly add more engaging content, then Fallout 76 could become something quite special.

If we’re really lucky, Bethesda has fixed the issue where three nukes launching at once crashed the servers, because I’m dying to see what happens when you let such carnage unfold.

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