Fallout 76 Gets Another Hefty New 15GB Patch, Here’s What It Does


Fallout 76 Version is arriving today (December 4), and it’s another fairly hefty update as Bethesda is pumping 15GB worth of changes, tweaks, and quality of life improvements to the online Fallout adventure.

The biggest change – or at least the one you’ll probably be most pleased to hear about – is a 50 percent buff to stash space, as your once stingy capacity is raised to 600 pounds, making it easier to hang on to all your lovely junk.

Bethesda confirmed that they plan to increases stash space even further eventually, but need to first work out whether or not this would affect the “stability of the game”.


One of the other big changes – and one that people might not love – is an AFK timer that will boot players from the server if they’ve been inactive for 10 minutes, which should lend a certain air of thrill to any big poos you plan to take during Fallout 76 marathons.

A one minute warning will pop up once you’ve been away for long enough, but basically you’re going to want to stay frosty, lest you end having to queue again to get back into a mate’s server.

You can read the full patch notes here, but above are pretty much the two biggest changes coming to Fallout 76. Other tweaks include a number of bug fixes, improved stability, and all that standard jazz.

Yet another big Fallout 76 update is coming on December 11, which will introduce the ability to relocate SPECIAL points after you hit level 50, and the process of building and keeping a camp is set to made easier with a few smart fixes.

It looks like Bethesda is proving to be true to their word so far, regarding keeping Fallout 76 maintained and updated with requested fixes from the player base. In a few months time, it could be a very different looking game indeed.