Fallout 76 Player With Over 900 Hours Playtime Banned For Ridiculous Reason


Bethesda appears to have banned one of its more loyal Fallout 76 players for pretty bizzarre reason; having too much ammo. 

Reddit user Glorf12 claims to have put an incredible 900 hours into Bethesda’s divisive online multiplayer Fallout, farming rare materials, ammo, and loot… which is a serious testament to his patience.


He took to Reddit to create a thread detailing his experiences of playing the game for such an eye-wateringly long time, even writing a guide on the best locations to farm rare materials and loot.

Soon after creating this thread, he found himself banned by Bethesda with a message telling him he’d gathered too many rare items in a short space of time, and essentially accusing him of exploiting the game through item duplication.

Take a look at the message below:

Glorf12 doesn’t believe he’s done anything to warrant the ban, but posits other players could have reported him for trading items with one of his other lower ranking accounts.

He also points out that because of the game’s weight limit, he couldn’t actually have been carrying as much ammo as the ban message claims. Unfortunately, the system seems to keep track of every bit of ammo that the player collects in the game.

Bethesda has replied back to him asking that he file a support ticket so the team can look into it properly, but let’s be honest; banning one of the few people willing to put such hours into a game that certain retailers are currently giving away with whatever they can find wasn’t the best move.

Hopefully this apparent misunderstanding is cleared up and Glorf12 can get back to merrily farming the hours away. I can’t imagine he’d been exploiting the game on purpose, even if Bethesda sees it that way.

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