Fallout 76 Players Are Locked Out Of Uninstalling The PC Beta


It would appear that the PC beta for Fallout 76 has gotten nice and cosy. So cosy, in fact, that it’s apparently causing issues for players who just want to remove the game – the issue being that they can’t. 

The problems seems to be limited to PC users, at least according to those reporting the issue on Reddit and the Bethesda forums. When attempting to uninstall Fallout 76, players are ironically met with a message telling them they can’t, because they don’t have access to the game.

Players are then prompted to ensure they’re signed in to the correct account “associated with the purchase” of Fallout 76, bur it looks like the time-honoured method of logging out and then back in again doesn’t seem to solve anything.

Most seem to agree that we’ll be able to remove Fallout 76 from our PCs when the game goes live on November 14. Since the issue is that people can’t log on to delete the beta, this is likely to be rectified when the servers are up for launch.

It’s still not clear if users who haven’t actually picked up the game will be able to log on to uninstall, but it’s be highly unlikely that Bethesda don’t provide a solution or fix of some kind for those who tried the beta and decided the game wasn’t for them.

Bethesda did warn us to expect spectacular bugs and issues, to be fair. Most of these issues seem to have hit PC players the hardest, including one incredible glitch that simply erased the entire 50GB beta, forcing users to download it all over again.


If you do like what you’ve played of Fallout 76, the beta will simply become the full game with an update, with any progress you’ve made set to carry over. That’s the plan, at any rate.