Fallout Cosplayer Accidentally Sparks Bomb Scare


Who among us hasn’t found ourselves in this kind of situation? We’re all decked out in our Fallout cosplay, only to invite an intense response from armed police, who mistake your fine work for some kind of bomb. 

CBC News reports that one plucky cosplayer from Grande Prairie, Canada was on his way Lynn’s Alterations to make some adjustments to his New Vegas inspired getup.

The problem of course, was that the cosplayer decided to walk from his place to the store dressed in his costume, complete with a New California Republic flag – check him out below.

Kyle Martel/Facebook

Obviously we live in a relatively uneasy time due to multiple tragic events that have kicked off over the past few months alone – so naturally our Fallout cosplayer’s appearance in public sparked a number of calls from concerned citizens.

Apparently, at least eight armed officers responded to the tailor’s shop, ducking behind cars and treating the situation like a very real bomb threat (which as far as they were aware, it could have been).

RCMP Corporal Shawn Graham said:

He was observed going into a business, so the RCMP members were able to safely remove the staff members from the business.

The owner of Lynn’s Alterations, Hoa Huynh was called by the police while in the middle of making alterations to the man’s costume. They asked if Huynh saw any wires on the outfit, and when Huynh said he did, he was advised to exit the shop.

However, what the police and other residents mistook for a bomb turned out to be several cans of Pringles crisps painted silver.

Thankfully, the police decided to ask our cosplayer what was going on instead of simply opening fire, otherwise this story would have a much more tragic ending.

The cosplayer was still taken into custody, but was eventually released with no charges. Still, you can’t blame the police for being cautious.