Fallout: The Frontier Will Be The Most Breathtaking New Vegas Mod Ever


When you think Fallout, you think arid, dusty landscapes baked in post-apocalyptic sun, right? Well Fallout: The Frontier is going to throw you straight into the middle of a bleak nuclear winter, and it looks amazing.

Once again, the modding community is ready to prove itself as a dedicated team of writers, artists and developers have been chipping away at Fallout: The Frontier. There’s no exact release date for the mod, but the team behind it are hoping to have it out before the end of the year.

The Frontier takes place in Portland, Oregon in the middle of a harsh nuclear winter, flipping the original Fallout premise on its head. Apparently, the map size will be as big, if not bigger than the Mojave in New Vegas, according to the development team.

With a features list that includes: changing weather, new creatures, a stand alone story and the option to use your character from Fallout: New Vegas, The Frontier is shaping up to be the mod to end all mods. Check out their website for more details.