Fan Archives All The Ways No Man’s Sky Has Changed Since Announcement


No Man’s Sky has been out for a week now, but not everyone is happy with the massive universe they’ve been given to explore – some would argue that there isn’t actually that much to do in it. 

Indeed, a number of fans have been pointing out that the final game doesn’t entirely match up with a lot pre-release footage and demos.

This led Redditor MeetWayneKerr to take to the No Man’s Sky subreddit, and compile an exhaustive list of elements and features that developer Hello Games actually said would be in the game, but didn’t make the cut.

This includes stuff like different ship mechanics, the ability to land on asteroids and take out space stations, and a number of other features. MeetWayneKerr also made sure to back up each entry with actual facts and quotes from the Hello Games team.

Strangely, MeetWayneKerr has (or has had) his account deleted, with the original post also removed. If you’re interested, you can still find an archived version of the post here.


Obviously No Man’s Sky was hyped up to an insane level, and a lot of gamers put a lot of unfair expectations on the indie team behind it.

For what it’s worth, I personally think it’s a fantastic game – but it’s perhaps a very niche title that was marketed to be something it isn’t.

If nothing else, this list will serve as a handy way to see what we were actually promised, versus what we just assumed would be in the game.

For its part, Hello Games will continue to bring free updates to No Man’s Sky, which could introduce any number of the cut features on that list.