Fan-Made Allison Road May Be The Creepiest Game Of 2015


The spiritual successor to Konami’s ill fated Silent Hills has emerged online in Allison Road – and it’s creepy as all hell.

After months of standing in dark rooms unsure of what to do with themselves, horror fans have been rejoicing at the emergence of Allison Road, a fan made homage to Silent Hills.

And with good reason; it’s straight up unsettling.

With incredibly detailed graphics and atmosphere you can cut with a knife, the gameplay video is unnervingly realistic. At 13 minutes long, it’s every bit as foreboding as Silent Hills promised to be with the added bonus that it might actually get made.

The photorealistic style considerably adds to the nope factor.

Japanese developers Konami managed to piss off just about everybody earlier this year when they announced that they wouldn’t be making Silent Hills – the long awaited reboot of one of its most recognisable franchises. Not being ones to do things by halves, they swiftly removed the cult favourite demo (known only as PT) from the playstation store, distanced themselves from legendary game maker Hideo Kojima and have refused to even acknowledge that the project existed. There were some internet mumblings that it might be all part of a marketing ploy by the batshit insane Kojima, but as time goes on, it looks more and more unlikely.

Fuck. That. Every. Day

Allison Road developer Cristian Kesler has acknowledged his intent to make the game that everybody wanted and judging by the game play footage, he’s bang on the money. Heading a six strong team, Kesler appreciates that there is a lot of pressure on his shoulders given the furore that surrounded PT, but has vowed to make the game that he, as a fan, would love to play.

Having already been greenlit on Steam, Allison Hills is set for a late 2016 release on PC. Helpful note; buy more underwear. You’re gonna need it.