Fan-Made Sequel To Half Life Is On Steam Now

by : Ewan Moore on : 19 Feb 2016 13:35

At this point, Half Life 3 is about as likely to happen as Kratos and Mario at the Olypmic Games, and most of the world has accepted that. As such, a team of industrious fans have decided to create their own Half Life sequel.


Prospekt is a fan-made game created to follow on from the Half-Life expansion Opposing Force. It’s out now on Steam and will probably fill the Half-Life 3 shaped void in your life for a few hours. Kind of like a one night stand after a big break up.

You play through the story of US Marine Adrian Shephard after he was teleported into the Nova Prospekt prison by the Vortigaunt to help fight the Combine. If you’ve never played Half-Life I’m not even gonna begin to try and explain that sentence to you.

The team behind Prospekt reckon that it’s similar in length to Half-Life 2: Episode One. It boasts 13 levels on top of several AI and graphical improvements from the original Half-Life 2.  You might as well pick it up off Steam (for £7.50), because it’s all your getting for a while – maybe forever.


Unless… could this possibly be the real, genuine Half-Life 3, slipped onto Steam with no fanfare or hype? Illuminati confirmed? No. No it could not.

Ewan Moore

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